Episode 23: Season 2 Finale, Finally!

Episode 23: The Fake Episode

This isn’t our first episode 23 and it’s probably not our best! After losing the last two episodes to the hands of fate, we are finally back with a new episode 23 and this time it is our Season 2 finale. Join us as we wrap up the current industry going-ons and do a look back at our previous episodes. I’m also making it a point to promote our Twitter more: @MikesVGP. Check it out! Today’s topics include:

  • EA studio closures; good and bad
  • What happened to episode 23 and 24?
  • Mike doesn’t write very detailed summaries
  • Industry stablization
  • Digital Downloads
  • Mike gets angry

As always, thanks for listening!

Intro music by Soughtaftersounds / Post image from LazerGamer.net!

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