Episode 7: Finding Jobs, Streaming Games, Mario 1-1

Hello everyone. Episode 7. I feel like we’ve all done something here today. You know what? Take the rest of the week off!

  • Jobz (with a Z because it’s serious)
  • Bad audio quality because Mike eats crab chips
  • Streaming and digital games
  • Mario 1-1 (video)
  • Redactions!

As always, thanks for listening!

3 thoughts on “Episode 7: Finding Jobs, Streaming Games, Mario 1-1”

  1. Hey, first of all: Thank you for your awesome podcast! I really enjoy listening to you regularly and hope that you’ll continue doing this for a long time.

    It’s really hard to think of a topic that would be interesting to hear you talk about, just because you make almost everything sound interesting 😛
    How you got into the industrie, what skills you think are necessary nowadays to be good in what you do, etc. etc. is always interesting of course, but i’d also like it if you could talk a bit about the genre-shift that happened in the last years.

    Like: Why aren’t there more RTS-Games coming out nowadays compared to 10 years ago?
    And also how the market has formed to this incredibly huge industrie it now is and how this changed the way games are developed (of course you talked about that before sometimes, but it’d be awesome if you could go more into detail) and maybe some things that really annoy you in the current industry.

    Thanks again

  2. Hello Mike and Mike!

    Great podcast! Hope you guys are well.

    What are some books about videogames and their creation that you guys recommend? I recently read Masters of Doom and it was an incredible read.


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