Episode 6: New Theme Parks, Unconferences, Windows 10

Hello everyone. Episode 6, wut-wut. I’m not even going to describe this one (now with 100% more Oprah):

  • Themes Parks!
  • Oprah (not kidding)
  • Unconferences
  • Viva Pinada tv show
  • Fig
  • Windows 10 for Gamerz

As always, thanks for listening!

2 thoughts on “Episode 6: New Theme Parks, Unconferences, Windows 10”

  1. I see how you solicited answers from the listeners so that we can feel that we own a tiny part of this podcast. Crafty, crafty…

    Regarding game conferences, I have only ever been to one. I went to the Ohio Game Developers Expo in 2014. It was fun! But it was 3 hours away and I made a day trip of it, which didn’t leave much time for the unscheduled socialization that Mike mentions as being the best part of conferences. I also had a bad wisdom tooth headache the whole time. =P

    The reason I went to the conference was to discover cool game development goings-on in Ohio. So it was a bit disappointing when the keynote speaker was a guy who used to live in Ohio but moved to California to do game dev, and whose speech was mostly about how Ohio needs to become more like California in order to ever be relevant. Thanks guy. -__-

    Re: backing kickstarter projects, I only ever backed two of them. Sir, You Are Being Hunted was the first one, which I backed because it was Jim Rossignol’s game and I spent about 25 hours a day reading Rock Paper Shotgun back then so it felt like a good exchange. That was a successful project but curiously I never played it for more than a few minutes. It’s been forever on my “play this next” list but always gets bumped by something that seems a little bit less nerve-wracking. The second thing I backed was Gnilley because it seemed hilarious, but that did not hit its funding goal, which is ultimately a good thing for the vocal chords. I also bought Spacebase DF-9 in early access, which turned out to certainly be a thing. =P More recently I’ve kind of stopped paying attention to games until they’re finished (not because of Spacebase though — that was just a spontaneous fluke after I had already decided I wasn’t an Early Access kind of person) and now I rarely even read previews, which I suppose is just a function of free time versus number of new games available.

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